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Greene County Multimodal Corridor Study – 2009

The Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission was awarded a VDOT Multimodal Planning Grant to develop multimodal transportation solutions and land use strategies for Greene County, while addressing regional travel needs on the US 29 and 33 corridors. Through a competitive process, the Renaissance Planning Group was awarded a contract to conduct scenario planning workshops with County [...]

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THA Toolkit

The second edition also includes a series of Fact Sheets providing specific guidance on using the Toolkit in a variety of planning efforts. Fact sheet topics include: Market Analysis Transit Study Comprehensive Plan Needs Assessment Rural Long Range Plan Housing The Transportation and Housing Alliance (THA) is a statewide initiative in Virginia [...]

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State of Housing Report – 2007

Affordable housing is a significant issue in our region. Our region has ranked highly in evaluations of desirable places to live, but high housing prices have been cited as a negative factor. Non-profit housing foundation, elected officials, and the public at large have known intuitively that costs are an issue in our community. [...]

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2004 Jefferson Area Bicycle, Pedestrian and Greenways Plan

The purpose of this plan is to provide information and guidance on development of facilities and other accommodations to enhance safe bicycle and pedestrian travel within the Thomas Jefferson Planning District. This plan will also satisfy the Virginia Department of Transportation requirement that a roadway be identified in a locally adopted bicycle or [...]

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Jefferson Area Eastern Planning Initiative

In the context of the Sustainability Accords, the Charlottesville- Albemarle Metropolitan Planning Organization and TJPDC decided to find new ways to handle the transportation demands of economic and population growth. The TJPDC won a grant from the Federal Highway Administration Transportation and Community and System Preservation (TCSP) program to conduct the Jefferson Area Eastern Planning Initiative (EPI) for the [...]

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1998 Sustainability Accords

The Thomas Jefferson Sustainability Council was created in 1994 by the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission. The diverse group of farmers, business people, foresters, environmentalists, developers and elected officials - 34 citizens representing the six localities of the district - was given the charge to "describe a future where our economic, human, social, [...]

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