Negotiations to Begin for 5th Street Hub & Trails Project

The Selection Committee conducted interviews with three short-listed consulting firms on March 28 for the Transportation Alternatives Project for the 5th Street Station Hub & Trails. Based on the Expression of Interest, Technical Presentations, and Questions and Answer session, the team ranked the three teams as follows:

  1. Land Planning & Design Associates (LPDA)
  2. EPR, PC
  3. Rinker Design Associates (RDA)


As the project sponsor, TJPDC will begin negotiations with the top-ranked firm, Land Planning & Design Associates (LPDA).

The purpose of the negotiations is to agree upon a contract which is reasonably acceptable to all parties.

If a mutually agreeable contract cannot be finalized with LPDA, then negotiations will be formally terminated and negotiations with the second-ranked firm will begin.

The project involves the design and construction of a “hub” adjacent to Fifth Street Station and approximately 3,536′ of bicycle/pedestrian trails, including a bridge over a creek.

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