The TJPDC Legislative Liaison represents the interests and positions of the region’s localities before the state legislature and other state policymakers. Much of this effort occurs at the General Assembly during January-March of each year as well as, during the off season, attending legislative study committee meetings and other meetings of interest to local governments.

The legislative liaison relays important information to the local government elected officials and staffs and seeks feedback on issues being considered during the General Assembly and study committee meetings. Such information then is shared with our state legislators.

During the General Assembly, an informational newsletter highlighting legislative activity is produced and distributed about every 10 days. This newsletter is prepared monthly throughout the remainder of the year. A final summary of legislative action also is developed following adjournment of the legislative session.

Adopted 2020 Legislative Program

The adopted 2020 TJPD Legislative Program contains three top priorities for the 2020 General Assembly, several other priority items and legislative positions on a variety of other issues of interest to local governments. The top priorities address the state budget and funding obligations, public education funding and broadband.

Click to view the 2020 Legislative Program.

General Assembly Final Report

A summary of action taken by the 2020 regular session of the General Assembly is available. The document highlights significant legislative actions of interest to local governments in the areas of environment, education, finance, human services, land use, local government, public safety and transportation.

Click to view the Final Report.

Legislative Newsletter

The Legislative Newsletter contains updates on legislative happenings and other state actions of interest to local governments.

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For additional information please contact David Blount, TJPD Legislative Liaison, (434) 422-4820 or email