Executive Committee

2:00 p.m. Wednesday, April 22, 2020 
TJPDC Water Street Center – 407 E Water Street,
(directly next door to the TJPDC Offices)

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Item Description Time


Call to Order Chair 2:00


Comments from the Public Chair 2:00 – 2:05


*Consent Agenda

  1. *February 26, 2020 Draft Minutes – handout
  2. Monthly Financial Update – handout
Chair 2:05
New Business


Regional Housing Partnership – Impacts of COVID -19 on Housing and the Regional Housing Partnership Chair 2:05 – 2:25


Strategic Plan Goals & Strategies – Review

Mission: Close the gap of close to 14,000 affordable housing needs (units &
interventions) and create a dynamic housing system in the region

Goal 1 Develop a plan for education, outreach, and community engagement to support the development and implementation of regional housing strategies

  1. Develop a plan for listening to residents to develop and revise the Regional Housing Plan
  2. Hold an annual Regional Housing Summit
  3. Create a Regional Website

Goal 2 Create a holistic Regional Housing Plan for consideration by the TJPDC by
September 2020

  1. Develop Regional Housing plan
  2. Review Zoning Codes, Comp Plans, and Key policies
  3. Identify barriers that promote health living

Goal 3 Develop metrics to evaluate progress over time on strategies within the Regional Housing Plan by September 2020

  1. Develop clear metrics for each sector
  2. Develop a dashboard to report on progress over time

Goal 4 Create a consolidated regional housing platform for legislators to bring to the General Assembly in support of the regional housing strategies for the 2021 Legislative Session

  1. Review 2020 Legislative Priorities to identify common priorities
  2. Develop regional legislative priorities
  3. Create a legislative Round Table
  4. Develop a plan to regularly engage legislators from Region 10
Chair and Anthony Haro 2:25 – 2:45


Budget and Future Funding of the CVRHP Budget FY21, Budget FY22 Chair 2:45 – 3:30


Adjourn Chair 3:30

* Proposed action item