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The Nelson 29 Economic Development Study
is a collaborative effort between
Nelson CountyThe TJPDC, and 310 Ltd.

The study will focus its efforts along the 21-mile span of US 29 that passes through the County, and developed areas of Piney River, Arrington, and Shipman that border the corridor.

The Study

The 248-mile stretch of US 29 that passes through Virginia is as a crucial North/South link that facilitates the movement of goods and people throughout the Commonwealth and serves as an opportune economic engine for the localities in which it passes.  This multi-lane highway has been identified as a corridor of Statewide Significance by the Virginia Department of Transportation.  21 miles of US 29 traverses Nelson County, and this project aims to identify the economic development potential of that corridor.

The Nelson County 29 Economic Development Corridor Study is a response to the Board of Supervisors identified priorities of strategic economic development and corridor planning initiatives.  With the help of 310 Ltd.’s expertise in economic development marketing and strategy development, this study will produce a detailed examination of the existing conditions and assets, potential deficiencies, targeted sectors for location and retention, suitable development sites, as well as extensive community input on needs and priorities.

Who is involved?

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This study is being conducting in cooperation with the Thomas Jefferson Planning District, Nelson, County, and 310 ltd. After discussion with the Nelson County Board of Supervisors, economic development and corridor planning initiatives were identified as a priority.  This project is a response to those priorities and will align with the County’s goals in guiding development to selected growth areas.  310 Ltd. will subcontract and develop a comprehensive, county-wide economic development marketing plan that will be incorporated into this study.  A working group consisting of County staff, 310 Ltd., TJPDC staff, and a representative from the Central Virginia Partnership for Economic Development will provide technical knowledge and guidance for this study.

Project Outcomes

  • Convene stakeholders

  • Identify economic development potential of the 29 Corridor within the boundaries of the study area

  • Develop a comprehensive, county-wide economic development strategy and marketing plan for target industry attraction and retention

  • Examine existing conditions and assets

  • Identify deficiencies and problem areas within the corridor

  • Solicit feedback from the community on their priorities, concerns, and views pertaining to growth and development

  • Provide a set of recommendations for continued economic development progress