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The Planning and Zoning Committee is an informal group that consists of planners and zoning officials from across the region. Participants meet to collaborate and provide informal assistance on difficult planning and zoning issues.


The TJPDC’s Rural Transportation Program houses a long-standing committee, which includes local planners from each member locality. Commonly, this group expresses interest in agendas that focus on planning topics that are not related to transportation. Since the committee is funded by VDOT and must hold a rural transportation focus, staff is sometimes unable to meet these needs.

Within the urbanized area of our region, Charlottesville and Albemarle recently completed work on the Livable Communities Project. During that process, the planning departments from both localities held multiple joint staff meetings. After these meetings, local planners and zoning officials stated a desire to continue joint meetings in the future.

To meet these needs, TJPDC and the local planning departments formed the Planning and Zoning Committee.


  • To build on the regional collaboration developed in the Livable Communities Project and Rural Technical Committee by providing for peer-to-peer collaboration on planning and zoning issues that are common to each member locality, but which are typically addressed in isolation;
  • To allow local staff to share ideas about potential ordinance changes, plan updates, and enforcement approaches;
  • To create a critical mass for new training opportunities that might not otherwise be available to individual planning departments;
  • To provide increased professional support to jurisdictions with limited planning resources, allowing for an opportunity to seek advice, guidance, and expertise on specific issues;
  • To provide an interdisciplinary perspective to local planning efforts, by drawing on the expertise of planners and zoning officials; and,
  • To provide TJPDC planning staff with direction on important regional issues and opportunities.
For additional information please contact Will Cockrell, (434) 422-4823 or email