You can help to finish this plan!

The Town’s planning commission and the town council will hold public hearings before taking any votes.


The West Downtown Small Area Plan is an effort of the Scottsville community to develop a vision and action plan for this historic neighborhood and the nearby blighted factory. This effort will focus attention on our community goals. The planning process and subsequent plan will help residents and businesses make a healthier, safer, and more livable neighborhood.


  • 2009: Tire Plant closes during Great Recession. 106 jobs lost.
  • 2018: Town Council updates Comprehensive Plan, stating a vision for quality of life and small-town character.
  • 2018: A state planning grant shows community support and financial demand in Scottsville for basic retail and services, like a car wash, as well as demand for homes.
  • 2019: A regional partnership focuses study on housing costs and supply in the five-county area, finding a need for housing in every style and price point.
  • 2019: The Town wins this planning grant from the state’s community development department to learn about opportunities downtown.

Where we stand

Part I: Community Outreach
Your voice matters. Our partner, Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission, will convene our community and help us craft a vision. Here is the feedback we’ve heard already and ways that you can be involved.

Part II: Flood Risk Assessment
With Scottsville’s history of severe flooding, planning for flood safety is job number one. Our engineering partner, Timmons Group, will assess flood risk and the factory levee system. They will make recommendations on assuring that any redevelopment is flood safe.

Part III: Financial Analysis
Taking what we learn about flood safety, and using your input about what Scottsville needs, we have to figure out what makes financial sense. Waukeshaw Development will analyze the finances of downtown redevelopment, especially around historic tax credits. They will also recommend an action plan to make our vision a reality.

  • A survey of residents used mail, online, and in-person interview methods to collect 130 responses
  • A community meeting was held on Monday August, 5th at the town office, 401 Valley St.  This meeting focused on gathering input
  • A community meeting was held Thursday, August 29th at the town office, 401 Valley St. This meeting focused on gathering input. (Meeting Recording)
  • A community meeting was held Monday, September 16th at the town office, 401 Valley St.  This meeting focused on sharing the first results of the project


  • Timmons Group, the engineering consultant team, conducted a flood risk assessment on the existing levee system on the factory site
  • A review of the existing flood prevention systems and their condition was performed
  • Recommendations for flood safety improvements were identified
  • The conclusions in this work inform the Small Area Plan


  • Waukeshaw Development Inc. conducted a site feasibility study to determine the best future use of the factory site
  • Market research was conducted to identify current housing market conditions, a financing plan, a proforma cash flow, and potential funding sources
  • Preliminary design concepts and basic rendering sketches were created for the site
  • An assessment of existing zoning was conducted to identify any needed changes
  • A parking analysis was conducted along with an environmental conditions review
  • Future challenges and site limitations were identified