VDOT engineers discussed changes to the design to the US 29 and Fontaine Avenue Interchange Improvements Smart Scale application in a Zoom meeting August 3rd, 2020. The pre-application Smart Scale project proposed an alternative intersection/interchange improvement to the Diverging Diamond Interchange to reduce traffic back-ups in both directions along Fontaine Avenue and along US 29 for vehicles taking the Fontaine Avenue exit. The proposed new design will save approximately nine and a half million dollars by using a left-turn crossover and a displaced left design for vehicle movements from Fontaine Avenue eastbound onto US 29 northbound. The design will separate conflicting movements and reduce conflict points by providing an alternative to the existing direct left turn on 29 which currently is over-capacity.

The following VDOT representatives presented the new design and answered questions:

  • Charles C. Proctor III, our VDOT Culpeper District planning manager will.
  • Justin Warfield, Culpeper District Project Manager
  • Troy Austin, Culpeper District Area Land Use Engineer

The Albemarle County Board of Supervisors will be reviewing this project in their August board meeting. Your comments can be sent to Kevin McDermott, Principal Planner – Transportation, Albemarle County at kmcdermott@albemarle.org.