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Rural Long Range Transportation Plan

Introduction and Purpose

The Transportation and Mobility Planning Division (TMPD) of the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) is working with other modal agencies to develop VTrans 2035, the Commonwealth’s multimodal long range plan and a more detailed subset report known as the 2035 Surface Transportation Plan. The highway element of the 2035 Surface Transportation Plan will include proposed improvements on Virginia’s federal functionally classified roadways. This Rural Long Range Transportation Plan is one piece of the 2035 Plan. VDOT, Virginia’s Planning District Commissions (PDCs), and the local governments they represent, are partners in the development of this new initiative to create regional transportation plans in rural and small urban areas that complement those in Virginia’s metropolitan areas.

The transportation system within the rural areas for each region was evaluated, and a range of transportation improvements – roadway, rail, transit, air, bicycle, and pedestrian – are recommended that can best satisfy existing and future needs. Some of the PDCs contain urbanized areas whose transportation needs are coordinated by a metropolitan planning organization. In the case of the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission’s region, only the rural portion of the region was analyzed and is addressed in this report. The Charlottesville-Albemarle Metropolitian Planning Organization (MPO) conducts the transportation planning for the urban portion of Albemarle County and the City of Charlottesville. The TJPDC is unique in the Commonwealth in that it has developed a plan, the United Jefferson Area Mobility Plan (UnJAM), that has already analyzed the deficiencies and needs of the region’s transportation network, including the rural areas. The first of these plans was UnJAM 2025 which was prepared by the PDC and adopted by the MPO Policy Board in 2004. UnJAM 2035 is the current update, which was approved by the MPO Policy Board in May 2009.

Each rural regional plan has a horizon year of 2035 and addresses the anticipated impacts of population and employment growth upon the transportation system. This plan will be reviewed and updated as needed. Each rural plan was developed as a vision plan, addressing all needs of the transportation system studied regardless of anticipated funding availability. It is envisioned that each regional plan will be used as a basis to identify transportation funding priorities.

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