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About the Rural Transportation Program (RTP)

The TJPDC’s Rural Transportation Program (RTP) is a cooperative forum for transportation planning in the region, providing assistance and expertise to the region’s rural communities. The program started in 1993, through funding from VDOT’s Transportation Mobility Planning Division (TMPD). While the TJPDC program needs the unique needs of its members, the State funds similar programs – twenty in all – for regions across the Commonwealth. With these funds, the TJPDC:

  • Provides local planning assistance to its rural member governments;
  • Maintains the region’s Rural Long Range Transportation Program;
  • Coordinates efforts between counties, JAUNT and RideShare; and,
  • Assists its localities with other various transportation needs.


 The RTP consists of two committees and a policy board.

 Typical projects include:

  • Transportation needs assessments,
  • Assistance with funding applications,
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Plans,
  • Corridor Studies,
  • Grant management, and
  • Transportation Element of local Comprehensive Plans.

The Regional Commission is situated within VDOT’s Culpeper District, and coordinates transportation planning studies with representatives from the District Office.

Interactive Program Maps

The TJPDC has created a Rural Transportation “Storyboard” that outlines program boundaries, transportation project details and other specifics related to the program. Please click the image at left to view the interactive storyboard.

Storyboard includes maps and details related to:

  • Rural Transportation Program Boundaries
  • Major Transportation Corridors
  • Member Localities
  • Long Range Transportation Plan
  • Bike Route 76 Project
  • Virginia House Bill 2
  • Greene County Corridor Study
For additional information please contact Will Cockrell, (434) 422-4823 or email