Our Team

The Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission (TJPDC) as founded in July, 1972, continues to successfully advance its primary mission of service to our local governments by providing regional vision, collaborative leadership and professional service to develop effective solutions.

Christine Jacobs

Christine Jacobs

Executive Director

David Blount

David BlounT

Deputy Director / Legislative Director

Ruth Emerick

Chief Operating Officer and Program Director

Sandy Shackelford

Sandy Shackelford

Director of Planning and Transportation

Laura Greene

Director of Finance

Gretchen Thomas

Gretchen THOMAS

Administrative Assistant

Sara Pennington


TDM/ Rideshare Program Manager

Lucinda Shannon

Lucinda Shannon

Transportation Program Manager

Lori Allshouse

VATI Program Director

Gorjan Gjorgjievski

VATI Project Administrator/Assistant

Laurie Jean Talun

Regional Housing Grants Manager

Isabella O'brien

Planner II

Logan Ende

Planner I

Davy Sell

Regional Affordable Housing VISTA

Curtis Scarpignato

Planner I

Otis Collier

BRCTB Compliance



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