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Since our last full partnership meeting, members have hosted context-specific discussion groups (Urban, Rural, and Homeless) to engage individuals interested in affordable housing, as well as professionals in related fields, local stakeholders, and subject matter experts. These sessions have served as forums to discuss and identify critical issues, explore barriers, and strategize on how the partnership can provide support…
by TJPDC Staff

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We have a serious affordable housing shortage, both nationwide and in our backyard. One face of that is Virginia’s eviction crisis, which began long before the COVID-19 pandemic….
by Phil Storey
As the dust settles on the 2024 legislative session, we at the Virginia Housing Alliance have begun to assess its impact on housing across Virginia. In this blog post, I share a summary of that impact, specifically highlighting the housing-related legislation that passed and will become law on July 1st of this year….
by Isabel McLain
The Fluvanna Louisa Housing Foundation (FLHF), like many other partners in the Central Virginia Regional Housing Partnership (CVRHP), faces significant challenges in getting qualifying buyers into affordable homes. In a recent discussion with Executive Director Kim Hyland, she shared insights into FLHF’s current strategies and the hurdles they encounter in their mission to provide affordable housing solutions….
by TJPDC Staff
In this paper, Daniel Kuhlmann, an assistant professor in the Department of Community and Regional Planning at Iowa State University, looks at the impact of the initial elimination of single-family zoning by the Minneapolis 2040 plan on single-family home sales prices. …
by TJPDC Staff
Bring your questions, comments and concerns to this Lunch and Learn series. The Central Virginia Regional Housing Partnership is proud to present this group of presenters focused on relevant housing issues in our region. …
by TJPDC Staff
DHCD’s Housing Innovations in Energy Efficiency (HIEE) funding makes energy efficient upgrades possible in new and existing developments. The funding is a result of Virginia’s participation in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), which began in 2020. …
by TJPDC Staff