The 2024 General Assembly is Underway

Legislative Liaison

The 2024 General Assembly session gaveled to order on Wednesday, January 10. The operative word for this session is NEW…..a new legislative building, a lot of new faces (more than one third of the members in both the House and Senate are new), and certainly new ideas. The session runs 60 days and is scheduled to end on March 9. During the course of the session, legislators likely will consider close to 2,500 bills and hundreds of resolutions. A new two-year state budget also will be crafted. “Crossover day,” the last day for each house to act on its own bills, is February 13. House and Senate amendments to the state budget proposed by Govenor Glenn Youngkin for fiscal years 2025 and 2026 will be released shortly thereafter. Information about the 2024 session is available on the Legislative Information System. Updates on legislative items of interest to local governments can be found on the TJPDC website.