Homeowner’s Toolkit for Water Quality and Stormwater Management

The Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission (TJPDC) has developed a resource for homeowners seeking to enhance their property value, bolster water quality, and manage excess stormwater. The “Homeowner’s Toolkit for Water Quality and Stormwater Management” serves as an educational guide, equipping homeowners with the knowledge and resources to adopt sustainable practices that nurture the local ecosystem.

The toolkit delves into common stormwater best management practices, describing their benefits, cost considerations, and the technical, educational, and financial resources available to support their implementation. Homeowners can explore various practices, from rain gardens and permeable pavements to rain barrels and green roofs. One or more funding opportunity is available to support homeowners’ and/or neighborhood associations in implementing each practice mentioned in the guide. 

The toolkit can be found on the TJPDC website or here.