Meet the Staff: Ryan Mickles

Ryan Mickles, Regional Planner Transportation

Ryan re-joined the staff at the TJPDC last January, having previously worked here after graduating from UVA with a double major in Urban Planning and Anthropology. Ryan works with our MPO programs and committees, including the Citizens Technical Advisory Committee and Smart-Scale projects.

Q: Tell us a little about your education/career background?

A: My time as Zoning Inspector for Charlottesville’s then Neighborhood Development Services, working with Planning Director Jim Tolbert and the projects/assignments I was given were most valuable.  Before creating a GIS map, or looking at ordinances, property lines, and land boundaries, I drew as a kid from the comics section of the local Sunday newspaper. I was inspired many years ago by a news segment on “60 minutes” that reported that Architects and Urban Planners were right-brain thinkers and Sociologists and social scientists were left-brain thinkers. I found this very interesting given my double major, and think it serves me well in my work.

Q: What is a fun fact that you would like to share?

A: My high school faculty awarded me “Top Male Student-Athlete” (my most coveted) and “Best Male Citizen” of my graduating high school class. I played football, baseball, indoor track, and cross country, and decided to continue playing football in college. Before high school sports, I was a boy scout, achieving the rank of Life.