A joint effort between the Counties of Louisa and Fluvanna

Project Summary

The Zion Crossroads Gateway Plan is a joint effort between the Counties of Louisa and Fluvanna to develop a unified vision for the development of the Zion Crossroads area. This effort is largely driven by the tremendous development pressure Zion Crossroads has experienced in recent years. With heavy involvement from the Virginia Department of Transportation, this planning process will include developing solutions to improving traffic safety and flow throughout the area, identifying opportunities for future development, and establishing a unique sense of identity.

Transportation Systems Analysis and Recommendations

The Virginia Department of Transportation has retained the services of the consultant group, Kittelson and Associates, Inc., to conduct a robust transportation system analysis and develop recommendations for improvements. To date, they have completed a report documenting the existing and future transportation system performance and safety conditions.

Public Meetings

There are no upcoming public meetings scheduled at this time

Responses to the questions submitted during the February 23rd webinar are now available

The Study Area

The study area was identified in collaboration with Fluvanna and Louisa County Advisory Committee members, as shown in the map below.

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