Program Background

On July 13, 2021, Virginia Housing announced $40 million in grants to Virginia’s 21 Planning District Commissions for the creation of new housing initiatives. The TJPDC was awarded $2 million to help support new affordable housing units in the region. This initiative will build on several years of regional coordination of housing providers, service providers, developers, and residents to create a network through which the affordable housing gap can begin to be closed. In 2018, the TJPDC, in partnership with public, private, nonprofit, and citizen stakeholders related to housing, created the Central Virginia Regional Housing Partnership (CVRHP) to enhance regional coordination and effectiveness in addressing the unmet housing needs of the TJPDC region, with a focus on housing production and preservation, to increase stability for the region’s residents. This partnership serves as the backbone for the successful coordination of efforts across a multitude of stakeholders and service providers to best leverage resources and opportunities that result in meaningful impacts. 

In addition to the CVRHP, the TJPDC manages federal and state funding to promote the development of new housing, rehabilitation of existing housing, and the provision of rental and mortgage relief funds. The TJPDC has two grant programs that provide financial assistance to support home ownership throughout the region: the HOME Consortium (through HUD) which includes down payment assistance and home rehabilitation as eligible expenses, and the Housing Preservation Grant (through USDA), which provides assistance for the rehabilitation of existing homes in rural areas. Finally, the TJPDC provides a free web-based affordable housing locator service called to help the regional community find access to available affordable rental housing. The $2 million from Virginia Housing represents an exciting new chapter for the organization as it works to promote and attain regional affordable housing goals.

Proof of Concept

The Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission (TJPDC) seeks submissions from for-profit and non-profit developers for projects that would increase the inventory of affordable housing in the region through the development of new units. Successful applicants will be awarded funding from the $2 million granted to the TJPDC from Virginia Housing as a part of a $40 million grant program to Virginia’s Planning District Commissions.

The TJPDC will be making development partner determinations through a multi-step process. First, potential partners will complete and submit the Proof of Concept. This proof of concept is being issued to collect key details about the proposed project, including number of units to be constructed, partner development experience, and location of development. The requested proof of concept will serve as a precursor to a more detailed formal project application, which will be circulated to prioritized applicants after review of Proof of Concept submissions by TJPDC staff. The formal application will require detailed financial and site information.

Proof of Concept Deadlines and Award:


  • Proof of concept submissions should be sent via email to: Christine Jacobs at and Ian Baxter at
  • Submissions should be no longer than 5 pages in length
  • Note: The TJPDC reserves the right to reject any or all proposals wherever it is in the best interest of the Planning District Commission. Any questions related to this request for concepts shall be directed to the persons above. The TJPDC is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Minority and Women-owned businesses are encouraged to submit a Proof of Concept.
  • Proposals will be accepted until: November 29, 2021 at 5:00pm.

Late Proposals: Proposals received after the stated closing time and date will not be considered.


  • Proposals will be reviewed and priority projects will be identified and invited to submit a formal application within 60 days.