In 2012, the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission (TJPDC), also known as Region 10, started an initiative to study, promote and improve its portion of U.S. Bicycling Route 76 (BR 76). This report is the first step in this initiative, creating an inventory of existing conditions and highlighting recommendations for improving the safety and recreational value of the Route.

Project Summary

U.S. Bicycle Route 76 is an on-road National Bike Route that spans the eastern half of the U.S., from the Midwest (Missouri) to eastern Virginia (Williamsburg). Along this path, the route passes through the Thomas Jefferson Planning District, including the City of Charlottesville, along with Louisa, Fluvanna, Albemarle and Nelson counties. Within the TJPDC boundaries, Route 76 accounts for approximately 136 miles of roadway. As part of its FY14 Rural Transportation Program, TJPDC staff will conducted a corridor study of the road segments that make up Route 76 in the Thomas Jefferson Planning District.

Corridor Study Documents

The full report is available below. Due to the large file size of the full version, we have also posted versions specific to each locality.

Steering Committee

The Rural Transportation Advisory Committee (RTAC) consists of local planners and VDOT officials, along with representatives from JAUNT and RideShare. The Committee meets to assist TJPDC staff with implementation of the Rural Transportation Program, which includes Greene, Louisa, Fluvanna and Nelson counties, along with the rural areas of Albemarle County. The RTAC doubled as the Steering Committee for the Bike Route 76 Corridor Study, since the project originated under the Rural Transportation Program. Over the course of several meetings, the Committee helped to shape the format and scope of the project.

Committee Members
David Benish, Albemarle County
David Cook, VDOT, Lynchburg District
Sara Damron, RideShare
Allyson Finchum, Louisa County
Chris Gensic, City of Charlottesville
Stephanie Golon, Greene County
Lisa Horanyi, RideShare
Amy Inman, Department of Rail and Public Transportation
Lucas Lyons, JAUNT
JT Newberry, Albemarle County
Tim Padalino, Nelson County
Chuck Proctor, VDOT-Culpeper
Donna Shaunesey, JAUNT
Jason Stewart, Fluvanna County
Bart Svoboda, Greene County
Amanda Taylor, City of Charlottesville
Rick Youngblood,VDOT, Lynchburg District

Technical Committee

TJPDC staff assembled the Bike Route 76 Technical Committee to provide a technical review of project deliverables. The Committee had representatives for multiple localities, with expertise in cycling and/or tourism. The Technical Committee met for the duration of Phase I (Existing Conditions Inventory).

Committee Members
John Bolecek, Virginia Department of Transportation
Ellen Giermak Sewell, Charlottesville Albemarle Convention & Visitors Bureau
Alec Gosse, Commonwealth Computer Research Inc.
Mac Lafferty, Albemarle County/MPO
Joe Morgan, Virginia Bicycling Federation
Dan Painter, VDOT, Culpeper District
Amanda Poncy, City of Charlottesville
Alan Yost, Greene County Economic Development & Tourism Director
VACANT, Policy Department Representative