Extended: Request for Proposal: Financial Services

The Thomas Jefferson PDC seeks the services of a qualified agency/consultant/contractor to carry out the financial operations and management of the agency. Specifically, the TJPDC is seeking a part-time accounting consulting service to perform accounting, reporting, payroll, and human resource services.  The TJPDC requires a consultant with governmental and accrual accounting or bookkeeping experience.

The agency utilizes QuickBooks accounting software and currently process all Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and monthly budget management internally. The TJPDC hires an independent audit firm to annually audit all records and assists in preparing financial statements to submit to the state and federal agencies.

The TJPDC also staffs external entities through a contractual relationship, to include but not limited to the Virginia Association of Planning District Commissions, the Blue Ridge Cigarette Tax Board (BRCTB), and the TJPDC Corporation, a 501c3 nonprofit corporation. The TJPDC serves as the fiscal agent for the BRCTB and the TJPDC Corporation. The programs of the Commission are organized by classes, the operations of which are accounted for by providing a separate set of self-balancing accounts that comprise of revenues and expenditures.  Resources are allocated to and accounted for in individual classes based on the funding source. The Commission follows the accrual and modified accrual basis of accounting.

Historically, the Commission fulfilled the responsibility of Financial Management and Administration through a combination of employed and contracted personnel.  This RFP represents an effort to formally evaluate the options of traditional employment and contractual services to fulfill the needs of the agency.  As such, a position announcement is also actively soliciting applications for employment to fulfill the position of Director of Finance.

Proposals must be received by 4:00 pm on Friday, April 7, 2023.