CLOSED: Request for Proposal: Strategic Plan Implementation


The Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission (TJPDC) seeks the services of an experienced consultant to provide leadership and guidance with undergoing a membership composition and organizational structure review for the Central Virginia Regional Housing Partnership (CVRHP/Partnership), an advisory board of the TJPDC. In 2022, the CVRHP completed a strategic planning process with a grant from Virginia Housing. Identified in the plan were key action items, one of which being a comprehensive review of the membership of the Partnership. The strategic planning implementation consultant will guide the CVRHP, the TJPD Commission, TJPDC staff, and key stakeholders in evaluating the Partnership’s composition, identifying, and reorganizing the membership of the Partnership as well as defining criteria for membership and tenure, and operationalizing these recommendations for the Partnership to accomplish across a three-year horizon. The consultant will work with a Strategic Planning Work Group consisting of 7-8 members of the Partnership and staff to engage a diverse group of local housing-related sector stakeholders (private, public, non-profit, and citizen). The strategic planning process should be completed by Summer 2023, in time to provide direction for the Partnership’s FY24 work plan, pending a successful grant application to Virginia Housing as a part of the Tier 2 FY23 Capacity Building Grant program.