Late in the summer of 2016, City Planning Commissioners designated the Cherry Avenue Corridor for the next small area planning initiative. The Commissioners cited several factors that influenced their decision to focus efforts on this area:

  • Stresses on the neighborhood/corridor from commuter traffic,
  • Large approved development under construction, anchoring the east and west ends of the corridor,
  • Large numbers of vacant lots with potential for development along the corridor, and
  • The ability to utilize the groundwork laid by the neighborhood in developing a Visioning document dated May 12, 2016.

Study Area

What is areas planning

Area Plans are like mini Comprehensive Plans that focus on a smaller area within a community. They can be for a town, neighborhood or a geographic area.

Area plans are shorter than comprehensive plans and often contain a set of specific recommendations and policy actions that can be taken to implement the vision of the plan.

In Virginia, the authority to do area plans is provided by State enabling legislation Code 15.2-2223, -223.1, 2232.


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