The Transportation and Housing Alliance (THA) is a statewide initiative in Virginia linking public and private efforts in the areas of housing and transportation. The Toolkit was produced through a grant awarded to the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission (TJPDC) by the Virginia Board for People with Disabilities (VBPD). VBPD recognized the important role of Planning District Commissions in developing and using this Toolkit.

The Toolkit is best used as part of a planning effort for a region, community or neighborhood. It gives planners additional tools to analyze data numerically and through mapping. It also provides a checklist to assess the study area by a variety of criteria to evaluate the livability of its transportation systems and housing stock. The Toolkit provides a way to consider the needs of people who are often excluded from the planning process.

The THA Toolkit can help give a voice to people who cannot or choose not to participate in public workshops or meetings, who rarely respond to surveys, and who are difficult to reach through formal channels. Including a wide range of needs in the planning process makes it more likely that the resulting plans will result in livable communities for all citizens.

Fact sheet topics

The second edition also includes a series of Fact Sheets providing specific guidance on using the Toolkit in a variety of planning efforts. Fact sheet topics include: