Program Information

Regional Transit Partnership

The Regional Transit Partnership (RTP) serves as an official advisory board, created by the City of Charlottesville, Albemarle County, UVA, and JAUNT, in Partnership with the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation to provide recommendations to decision-makers on transit-related matters.

Plans and Studies

Regional Transit Governance Study

As a follow up to the Regional Transit Vision Plan, the Regional Transit Governance Study will work with stakeholders representing each jurisdiction in Region 10 to identify new funding opportunities for the transit services identified in the Regional Transit Vision Plan and develop a governance structure to manage the new revenue and regional transit planning. This study will look at peer region’s transit revenue sources and governance structures and work with the jurisdictions to build a consensus for a revenue and governance structure that will work for Region 10.

The final work product will be a final report summarizing the current transit governance structure, peer transit governance structures, and recommendations for potential revenue sources and governance structures for transit in Region 10. The project started in September 2022 and will be completed in December 2023. It is funded by the Department of Rail and Public Transportation, the City of Charlottesville, Albemarle County and the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission.

Regional Transit Vision Plan

Local leaders, transit agencies, and a wide variety of stakeholders will collaboratively develop a clear vision for the future of high-quality transit in our region​.

Early work will gather data from a variety of sources to identify the types of transit service that can be supported on travel corridors throughout our region.

The final work product will be a Regional Transit Vision Plan document that identifies short-term, long-term, and extended long-term actions the community must take to support the community’s vision for high-quality transit.

Albemarle County Transit Expansion Study

This feasibility study will result in an implementation plan for expanded transit service to population and employment centers within Albemarle County:​ the Pantops area, Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, and ​along Route 29 North (between City limits and the UVA North Fork Research Park).